4 Ways an Employer of Record Company Saves Time for Your HR Team

Managing a worldwide team as well as global payroll can consume a significant amount of HR resources. Fortunately, collaborating with an Employer of Record (EOR) company like Xpandium can help you speed up operations and save time.

Your to-do list as an HR leader is never-ending. To help your business expand, you must hire the proper people and then keep them engaged and productive. However, doing so on a worldwide scale is difficult without a large, committed team of compliance, payroll and recruitment specialists.

This is where working with an EOR can help. Discover the four ways EORs can save you and your HR team time, allowing you to focus on building the strongest teams on the planet.

1. Find the right talent more quickly.

Recruitment can be a time-consuming process. Finding the proper individual for the position is difficult, especially if you have a restricted talent pool. However, working with a global recruitment and EOR company like Xpandium allows you to broaden your search to include the rest of the world. 

That implies you can hire anyone, from anywhere. As a result, your HR team will spend less time hunting for the appropriate person and more time assisting them in succeeding.

2. Quicker onboarding of overseas hires

Welcoming a new team member is thrilling, but onboarding can be time-consuming for HR. This is especially true when hiring overseas because the processes vary by country. You must draft locally compliant employment contracts with your local legal entity, gather numerous country-specific paperwork, and enter them into a local payroll system. 

Fortunately, an EOR can handle everything for you. They are in charge of the compliance aspect of onboarding. This speeds up and smooths out the process. That way, you can concentrate on integrating your new workers into the company so they can get started right away. Not to mention, you avoid having to spend time and money on incorporating subsidiaries you might not even need in the long run.

3. Reduce HR administration

It's no secret that global employment entails a significant amount of HR administration. There are onboarding forms, job contracts, benefits paperwork, tax compliance, and a plethora of other documents. You're also tasked with developing a strong culture and team.

Working with an international EOR partner, on the other hand, can drastically minimize that admin. Throughout the employee lifecycle, your EOR is available to handle compliance-related documentation. And the best EORs do so with competent and experienced local payroll experts at your service supported by a business process automation platform, saving your personnel even more time.

Furthermore, a high-quality EOR with decades of experience is available to assist your overseas hires with all of their employment and payroll-related questions. That goes a long way toward ensuring a positive employee experience.

4. Maintain compliance without putting in hours of research

Employment laws are constantly evolving. So, if you are assembling a multinational workforce, keeping up with the latest rules in numerous jurisdictions can be difficult. If you wish to hire someone in a completely new market, you must conduct extensive study on local legislation before making an offer.

EORs are once again on hand to assist. An experienced EOR ensures that you understand the requirements in each of your hiring countries. They inform you of forthcoming developments that will affect your foreign team members and can assist you in planning for new, global hiring markets.

You do not need to delve into international employment legislation when you have a competent EOR partner on your side. They handle it for you, keeping your HR department focused on what they do best: developing, and retaining top talent.

With Xpandium, you will have more time to focus on people strategy

So you are ready to save time by working with an EOR. But where do you begin? 

Xpandium manages the compliance, payroll, and benefits associated with global employment using local expertise and automation. In other words, we handle the administration so you can focus on nurturing and developing your team.

Concentrate on your people rather than the paperwork. For further information, contact Xpandium.

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