Hire and payroll globally
with the Employer of Record solution



by actual EOR Experts

No 3rd party

Our own licensed PEO entity in each country

You can cut out the middlemen and deal directly with the PEO that actually employs your staff.

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Decades of local expertise

Multilingual customer support by EOR experts

You and your employees will be dealing with actual EOR payroll and benefits experts on the ground, not intermediaries with no expertise.

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Financial stability

We are privately owned and self-funded

With no reliance on Venture Capital, you do not need to wonder if we land the next round of funding to keep our business going.


Self-service access for both employers and employees

Statutory and customized reporting, payroll, and benefits administration in local currencies and languages.

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Avoid legal mistakes

Full legal compliance

Your employees will be hired in a fully legal and compliant manner in each jurisdiction by our own company.

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AI Process automation

No-code Saas platform automating all EOR processes

All processes are streamlined and automated for maximum efficiency.


Planning on hiring abroad ?

For companies small and large

Our EOR IS platform is equally suitable for SMBs, startups or established multinationals regardless of whether you hire a single employee or entire teams.

Decades of EOR expertise

Xpandium founders have decades of hands-on, global EOR and technology experience. Our payroll experts are the real deal so you will not be dealing with middlemen.

Employer of Record service
Complete local legal compliance
Local Payroll & Benefits Administration
Payroll and Benefits Payments in local currency
Statutory Payroll and Benefits Reporting
Statutory Annual Income Certificate for employee
Customer Support by actual PEO experts
Multilingual service for both employers and employees
No-Code process automation platform
Customized workflow and reporting
Customized administration and management
System integrations


per employee, per payroll cycle, paid in advance monthly


per employee, per payroll cycle, paid in advance annually
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