Is Employer of Record the right solution for you when hiring abroad?

Whether Employer of Record (EOR) is the right solution for a company when hiring abroad depends on the company's specific needs and circumstances.EOR can be a good solution for companies that want to hire employees in a foreign country but don't want to establish a legal entity there. EOR companies act as the employer of record for the hired employees, handling all aspects of employment, including payroll, benefits, and compliance with local labor laws. This can save companies time and money while also reducing legal and compliance risks.EOR is particularly useful for companies that want to hire employees quickly and efficiently without having to deal with the complexities of setting up a legal entity in a foreign country, such as registering with local authorities, opening bank accounts, and establishing a local HR department.However, EOR may not be the right solution for every company. Some companies may prefer to establish a legal entity in a foreign country to have more control over their operations. Additionally, the cost of using an EOR service may be higher than establishing a legal entity in the long run when hiring more than just a handful of employees. It's important for companies to evaluate their options and choose the solution that best fits their needs and goals.

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